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Olds College Instructor Explores Digital Communication in Peer-Reviewed Article

May 07, 2024

Noah BradleyOlds College is proud to share the accomplishment of Noah Bradley, Communications Instructor in the Werklund School of Agriculture Technology, who recently had a peer-reviewed journal article published. Bradley's article, titled "Hey Siri: Should #language, 😕, and follow me be taught?: A historical review of evolving communication conventions across digital media environments and uncomfortable questions for language teachers," has been published in Language Learning and Technology journal.

In his article, Bradley explores the dynamic landscape of digital communication and its impact on language education. Drawing from his expertise in communication and digital media, Bradley navigates through the intricate evolution of communication norms in the digital age. He examines the emergence of new textualities, literacies and linguistic resources in contemporary digital environments, challenging traditional pedagogical approaches.

"Noah is a great example of our young and engaged faculty whose time is not only consumed with creating effective and memorable learning experiences for our students, but who also dedicate themselves to writing and research, which are achievements above and beyond their expected classroom duties,” shares Bertrand Bickersteth, Communications Instructor, Olds College.

Bradley's article sparks critical conversations about the intersection of language education and digital literacy, urging educators to adapt pedagogies to meet the evolving needs of learners in the digital era. His scholarly contribution exemplifies Olds College's commitment to academic excellence and innovation in teaching and research.

Read Bradley's article online on Language Learning and Technology journal website.

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