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Rocky Mountain Equipment Sponsors New Sprayer for Olds College

May 15, 2024

Rocky Mountain Equipment (RME) delivered a brand-new New Holland Sprayer to Olds College of Agriculture & Technology

On May 10, 2024, Rocky Mountain Equipment (RME) delivered a brand-new New Holland Sprayer to Olds College of Agriculture & Technology to be used during the growing seasons for the next three years on the Smart Farm. This generous donation from Rocky Mountain Equipment includes the usage of equipment to support Smart Farm operations, research activities and general farm management.

“We’re thankful for our partnership with Rocky Mountain Equipment and their support towards the Olds College Smart Farm and our ongoing research activities,” says Dr. Joy Agnew, Vice-President, Research, Olds College. “Having this sprayer sponsored to the College gives the farm team and researchers flexibility throughout the growing season with our continuous farm operations and research activities. It also eliminates the financial costs of renting a sprayer for the next three years.”

This donation will continue over a span of three years, and RME intends to replace the current New Holland Sprayer on campus with the newest version each season. The College is incredibly grateful for this generous donation to support the Smart Farm and research. Having the financial restrictions removed from renting this equipment allows the Smart Farm to continue the innovative research and development in agriculture currently underway.

“RME is pleased to grow our partnership with Olds College through the donation of a state-of-the-art sprayer,” commented RME CSOO Jim Wood. “This puts the latest technology in the hands of the students and allows for the exposure of the equipment we offer from our partners at CNH. The College is aligned with RME’s values of both the preservation of rural roots and a strong commitment to both the agriculture and construction industries. By doing so, we are not only driving future employees in the industry but also preparing the next generation of producers and contractors.”

"Partnerships like the one we have with Rocky Mountain Equipment are the lifeblood of the work we do here at the College,” states Todd Ormann, Vice President, Development, Olds College. “Generous donations like this allows Olds College to continue the research needed to support the agriculture industry by removing financial constraints. Modern technology like this is critical in developing the learnings around farm operations that support increased yields and environmental stewardship. We truly thank Rocky Mountain Equipment for this donation."

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