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Agronomy Certificate Level II


The Agronomy Certificate Level II program builds upon the agronomic skills gained in the Level I certificate. Upon completion of these courses, you will be able to integrate agronomic concepts and make general recommendations regarding crop production.

As with Level I, this program will include interactive online discussion emphasized to meet learner needs. Course specifics are currently under development but will include five courses:

  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Soil, Water & Fertility Management
  • Crop Management & Planning
  • Crop Production Technologies
  • Crop Diagnostics

Delivery: Online

Dates: Course dependent

Costs: Please see course specifics below

Certification: Agronomy Certificate Level II

Prerequisites: Completion of Agronomy Certificate Level I

Selection Process for Admission: First qualified, first accepted

Registration Deadline: The registration deadline for each course is 14 days prior to the course start date, however in order to ensure a spot in the course, we recommend registering before that time as sometimes the classes fill before the registration deadline. If there is still room in the class after the registration deadline, you are still able to register if you submit a $75 late registration fee along with your tuition.


What will you learn?

In this program, learners will expand upon the knowledge gained in the Agronomy Certificate Level I program. Graduates from this training will support the agri-service industry by gaining practical training in crop production systems, nutrition, and protection. Following the completion of this course, students will have the knowledge and skills to:

  • identify Western Canadian crops and associated production systems
  • interpret soil test reports and calculate fertilizer blends
  • document pest populations
  • implement integrated pest management plans
  • collect crop, pest and soil field data
  • use selected technologies including GPS, GIS, and digital photography
  • communicate clearly and concisely with agricultural stakeholders

Course Details

Crop Production Technologies | AGN 7006

Dates: January 13 - March 21, 2025
Cost: $899 + GST
Prerequisites: Agronomy Certificate Level 1
Delivery Method: Online

In this course, you will become acquainted with precision agriculture and how it is used in agriculture in Western Canada. Learn to analyze equipment its use and its application in precision agriculture. Learn to evaluate the benefits of applying precision agriculture techniques.

Integrated Pest Management  | AGN 7042

Dates: January 13 - March 21, 2025
Cost: $899 + GST
 Agronomy Certificate Level 1
Delivery Method:

This 10-week online course is designed to advance your knowledge and the application of integrated pest management concepts in agricultural cropping systems.

Effective pest management is much more than just applying a pesticide.  In this course you will integrate all aspects of pest and crop management and see how ecological principles play an important role in pest management.  Your goal will be to apply integrated pest management concepts to western Canadian cropping systems and develop suitable pest management recommendations.

The learning process will involve selected readings, assignments, discussions and a comprehensive term project.  

Soil, Water & Fertility Management | AGN 7043

Dates: September 3 - November 8, 2024
Cost: $899 + GST + Textbook
 Agronomy Certificate Level 1
Delivery Method:

Students in this 10-week online course will study the potential negative effects of agricultural practices on soil and water resources and discuss beneficial management practices that can minimize environmental impact. They will also investigate advanced practices in fertility management, learn to diagnose nutrient deficiencies, and gain the knowledge required for development of effective fertilizer recommendations.

Textbook Required: Western Fertilizer Handbook 10th Edition, Western Plant Health Association | ISBN 978-1-57766-679-0 
Cost: $79.95 + GST

Crop Diagnostics | AGN 7005

Dates: October 1 - December 6, 2024
Cost: $899 + GST
 Agronomy Certificate Level 1
Delivery Method:

In this course, you will build upon the skills and knowledge that you have gained while taking the Agronomy Level II Certificate courses.  You will demonstrate the ability to use proper field scouting techniques, make a diagnosis and delivery suitable client recommendations.

Crop Management and Planning  |  AGN 7044

Dates: October 1 - December 6, 2024
Cost: $899 + GST
 Agronomy Certificate Level 1
Delivery Method:

This course is designed to advance your knowledge of integrated crop and financial planning by examining the challenges of crop production in Western Canada and establishing strategies to address them. Students will identify the environmental limitations and financial costs associated with crop production and learn how to budget and address risks to construct a profitable crop plan.

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