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This Specialized training focuses on Programming / Coding PLC's ( Programmable Logic Controllers) that can be used in controlling Machines, a Hobby Project, or developing controls for an idea that relies on Electronic Control. The 4 Day Program uses CODESYS as a method of Instruction, and has a Variety of Hardware to try the Code on.

CODESYS is an IEC61131-3 level Programming interface, which means it can be used to write Logic in Variety of formats e.g. Ladder Diagram, Continuous Function Chart, Structured Text, or Instruction List. and for Variety of Hardware ranging from Raspberry Pi, to Industrial PLC's to Automotive grade ECU's.

All students are provided with a DIY hands on Kit that includes a Raspberry Pi, and some hardware boards to continue tinkering and learning.

Our Industry trained instructor will lead the participants through the program, and application examples that include PLC, HMI, UI/UX, CANBUS, J1939 and more..

Perfect for DIY'ers, Hobbists, Electronic Enthusiasts, Tradesperson who wants to learn programming, Industrial Programmers, Education professionals who wish to integrate Electronics / programming in their courses.

Delivery: Online

Course Dates: TBD

Costs: $1850 + GST

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