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Long Lining Clinic


What can you expect from this program/course?

Long lining is a valuable tool utilized by many to build skills and understanding in the young horse.  It allows the rider to teach the horse about pressure; rein aids; trust and acceptance of the bit without the added stress of balancing a rider.  For the rider it can improve your biomechanics and grow your ability to utilize your aids independently.  Long lining is not just for young horses beginning their training but can also be beneficial for the older seasoned horse.  You may use long lining as a pre ride warm-up; to develop a horse’s understanding of collection or to help rehabilitate a horse following an injury.  The benefits to your relationship with your horse are endless.

Following the completion of this clinic participants will:

  • Communicate the practical applications of long lining and the various forms you may use to long line.
  • Demonstrate how to safely fit and use the tack associated with long lining.
  • Demonstrate safe handling of the horse while preparing to long line.
  • Demonstrate the ability to drive a horse effectively and safely within the arena in a solo and group setting.

Delivery: Olds Campus

Program Dates: TBD

Fees: $300 + GST

If participants wish to keep their horse indoors at the College overnight, a $50 fee for stabling will apply.
*Participants who book stalls are responsible to clean them out at the conclusion of the weekend.

Credential: Non-credit

Prerequisites: None

Required Materials: 

  • Participants must bring their own horse. The horse needs to be familiar with the bridle and have worn tack.  It doesn't need to be broke already but familiar with handling, tack and lunging.
  • Two lightweight lunge lines at a minimum.  If participants wish to purchase driving lines they can but they can use the lunge lines instead as well.
  • One surcingle 
  • One snaffle bit/bridle
  • Front boots - bell boots/brushing boots.


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