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Cannabis Production Program Level I


This program prepares graduates for employment in the growing cannabis production industry, or to support those already in the workplace. This program provides entry level job-based training and is committed to providing graduates the skills needed to enter into employment with a range of cannabis producers, from medicinal to adult use. Students can expect to spend eight weeks in each of the intensive online courses followed by an optional four-week blended course which includes a one-week field study. This optional field study will will include working in industry and being supported by an online experience.

  • Four online, instructor led, 45 hour equivalent courses
  • An optional blended online and hands on field study with industry
    • Students will be responsible for securing their own placement.

Delivery: Online + 1 week on-site with a Licensed Cannabis Producer

Credential: Non-credit

Length of Program: Each course is 8 weeks online, the program also includes 4 weeks blended-learning with 1 week field school

Program Dates: Dates vary

Registration Deadlines: 2 weeks prior to course start date. Pending availability; late registrations may be accepted with a late fee. Limited space available so register early.

Selection Process for Admission: First come-first served basis. 

Admission Requirements: Students must be 18 prior to enrollment. It is recommended that they have their grade 11 education or beyond, and any previous criminal record should be assessed for eligibility in the industry prior to taking courses.

*Please Note: Students opting out of the Practical Cannabis Production - Field Study must notify in order to receive their certificate for the online portion only.

What will you learn?

Students will learn the foundation skills they need to prepare them for entry level production work in the cannabis industry. Specific areas of instruction include:  

Introduction to Horticulture Production | CNB 7000

Dates: August 26 - October 18, 2024
Cost: $899 + GST
Prerequisites: None
Delivery Method: Online

This course provides an entry level overview of horticulture production for someone completely new to horticulture.  Students will learn basic plant botany, plant life cycle, and seed storage of common plants.  A variety of propagation methods will be discussed, including plant, seed and vegetative and tissue culture propagation.  An overview of how commercial greenhouse crops are produced will be discussed.

Introduction to Crop Production and Facilities | CNB 7001

Dates: October 21 - December 13, 2024
Cost: $899 + GST
Prerequisites: None
Delivery Method: Online

In this course, students will be exposed to different types of growing facilities, and their respective crop production systems.  Environmental management equipment, irrigation systems, soil management, and pest control will be discussed in the context of crop production.  This broad introduction provides students with an initial awareness of the facilities they may encounter in a commercial context.

Cannabis Legislation and Documentation | CNB 7002

Dates: January 6 - February 28, 2025
Cost: $899 + GST
Prerequisites: CNB 7000 & CNB 7001
Delivery Method: Online

Students will learn the basics for ensuring government compliance surrounding the production of cannabis. Legislative requirements surrounding security requirements for facility and staff, quality assurance and quality control, and post-harvest handling will be discussed. This course will prepare students who intend to work in the cannabis field with an overview of current requirements for compliance and how to remain up to date if and as policies change.

Horticulture for Cannabis Production | CNB 7003

Dates: February 24  - April 18, 2025
Cost: $899 + GST
Prerequisites: CNB 7000 & CNB 7001
Delivery Method: Online

Students will apply introductory horticulture knowledge to cannabis specific production in this course, to empower them to tend and care for plants in entry level production work.  Cannabis botany, growth cycle, genetics & propagation, pest management, and harvesting will be addressed.  This will include an introduction to chemical composition of cannabis.  Typical grow room structures, designs and setups will be discussed.

Practical Cannabis Production - Field Study (Optional) | CNB 7004

Dates: April 22 - May 23, 2025
Cost: $559 + GST
Prerequisites: Preceding 4 courses
Delivery Method: In-Person

Students will apply the production practices from the Cannabis Production Program in a hands-on, face to face environment with a licensed cannabis producer in a one week short field study opportunity.  The specific schedule is determined per practicum offering, but will include approximately 30 hours of on-site experience.  This will be paired with an online component open over the listed course dates to supplement student experience. Students will be exposed to all aspects of production, from propagation through to drying, packaging and the regulatory procedures. 

Please note: Students must take the previous four courses before taking this field study option and are responsible for finding their own placement. They will be required to travel to their field study site.  Students will also be required to access evaluation and supplemental content online and to adhere to relevant industry dress codes.

Did You Know

This training qualifies for the Canada-Alberta Jobs Grant. Get your training partially or fully paid for!

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