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Climate Risk & ESG for Corporate Governance and Decision-making

climate risk

What can you expect from this program?

Governments and regulators are increasingly demanding more climate disclosures and climate-related
information. This has resulted in a surge in demand for professionals who have the skills and knowledge to
advance climate and sustainability initiatives. This program will provide students with knowledge about best
governance practices for managing climate-related financial risks and key regulatory requirements, with a
particular focus on Canada.

Expect to spend between 5-7 hours per week for a total of approximately 50 hours. Students can learn at their own pace, when it’s most convenient for their schedule. There will also be 5 interactive sessions over Zoom, allowing students to connect with their instructor and peers, and build a nationwide network.

Watch an overview of the program HERE

Length of program: 8 weeks
Delivery method: Online (includes video lessons, readings, online discussion, case studies, and recorded guest interviews)
Program dates: September 23 – November 24, 2024
Pre-requisite: None
Cost: $3500 + GST
Required Text and Materials: None
Registration deadline: September 20, 2024

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What will you learn?

  • Why climate change is viewed as a financial and systemic risk and the role of the board of directors in
    overseeing climate-related risks
  • Key climate considerations companies and pension funds face when making business and investment
  • The legal and regulatory instruments and requirements that impact businesses and organizations’
    operations in Canada
  • Strategies to enhance oversight and management of climate risks and opportunities

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