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How to Become a Certified Pesticide Applicator?

Take the steps needed to become a Certified Pesticide Applicator. Learn how to purchase your Home Study Manual, book a tutorial, how to write your exam and what to do to keep your certification once you have earned it.

Workshop Details

Step 1: Buy the home study manual

Study on your own so you are familiar with the info. It is strongly recommended that you review the current Home Study Manual a minimum of three weeks prior to attending any of the tutorials.

Step 2: Register for a tutorial

Register for a hands-on tutorial. While not mandatory, participants report the group discussion learning helps them be more successful in passing the exam as opposed to only doing the home study on their own.

Step 3: Schedule an exam

Plan ahead: After you are certified remember you need to obtain Continuing Education credits Within 5 years. You can only earn 10 credits in one calendar year, so plan ahead.

Exams are based on the standard for pesticide education, training and certification in Canada and are available by calling 1.866.853.8646.

The exams are available online through designated proctor sites located in Olds, Lethbridge, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, or Vermilion. Online exams allow for quicker processing of exam results. Candidates require a grade of 70% or better to qualify for certification. Grades will be provided to the candidate immediately following the online examination. Successful candidates will receive certificates by mail. Commercial Pesticide Applicator certificates are valid for up to 5 years.

Step 4: Earn your credits to keep your certification

Know how your options for recertification. You are able to take a tutorial over again for 6 credits at once or enroll in our workshops, held twice a year.

Alberta Environment has a full listing of specific classes and certification requirements.

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