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Pasture/Range Health Assessments


The Technology Access Centre for Livestock Production (TACLP) at Olds College has embarked on a series of regenerative agriculture strategies at Pitstra Farm (degraded due to overgrazing) to modify the land, increase biodiversity of flora/fauna, increase yield and stocking rates, and improve the ecosystem function.

Metrics of native or tame plant communities/plant species composition, presence of plant layers, amount of litter to protect soil, site stability, and presence of noxious weeds assess the functionality and effectiveness of the implemented Regenerative Agriculture practices.

Cows & Fish Hosts Riparian Health Training for Olds College Researchers

In September 2023, Cows & Fish came to Pitstra Farm — 308 acres of agricultural land located near Carstairs, Alta. and part of the Smart Farm initiative — to host a training day for researchers from Olds College Centre for Innovation (OCCI). 

The training focused on plant identification and riparian health assessment. Pitstra Farm is overseen by the Technology Access Centre for Livestock Production (TACLP), which manages the land where the Olds College cow herd grazes across tame and native pasturelands. The TACLP aims to ensure high-quality forage for the herd, optimize grazing area productivity, safeguard riparian zones and enhance soil health.

Cows & Fish had previously completed an in-depth assessment of the riparian areas on Pitstra Farm and hosted this field day to explain their process and recommendations. The goal was to provide additional value from the assessment and align all team members operationally. The training allowed for professional development for OCCI researchers, specifically on Pitstra Farm's riparian areas.


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