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Horizons Summer 2016

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Welcome OC Alumni!

Your days at Olds College do not have to end! As many of you will take forward the life and work skills you came to acquire at Olds College, many of you will also take the friendships, lessons, memories and relationships with you, too. You are now part of a community. A community that strives to continue the Olds College passion.

We are currently recruiting directors for our Olds College Alumni Association. You instantly were given the opportunity to become an alumni member the day you decided to attend Olds College. So why should YOU get involved with Alumni? Some of our greatest moments and knowledge occurred while we were away at college -the friendships we maintain today, the stories we tell at parties, those events our social media feeds were once littered with, and the life lessons that we use every day- many of those were developed on our unique campus. After graduation that doesn't have to stop. Like the memories and lessons, your life at Olds College will never need to stop.

Did you know that Olds College has an alumni reunion every year? Did you know that you can stay updated with Olds College through the Horizons production? Did you know that you can give back to Olds College in more ways than one? Giving back to Olds College can happen in many ways; you can help plan or even just attend a reunion to catch up with all of your friends, you can nominate a fellow graduate for one of our alumni awards or you can serve on the Alumni Association Board of Directors, but the list doesn't stop there! 

We are always open to suggestions on how we can help increase involvement with our alumni community. Please feel free to send us an email with any questions or suggestions you may have.

Welcome Olds College Alumni & Friends

This is your gateway to information about upcoming alumni events and activities, benefits, and more. Be sure to visit often!

Nikki Szakaly
Acting OCAA President

Email: alumniassociation@oldscollege.ca 
Location: LRC Lower Level

Olds College Alumni Reunion

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Alumni Corner (aka the Alumni Museum) maintains an impressive collection of archives and artifacts that ensure our rich century-long history is preserved by caring hands as a legacy for future generations. The collection is used by members of the college community for reference or displayed at events showcasing Olds College’s distinguished achievements.

Alumni Association - Alumni Museum

Phone: (403) 507-7952
Toll Free: 1-800-661-6537 ext 7952
Email: AlumniAssociation@oldscollege.ca 
Location: Learning Resource Centre, Room 721A

We invite you to join us!

Discover the benefits of a lifelong alumni relationship with Olds College.

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  • completed a certificate, diploma, or applied degree program from Olds College,
  • attended an Olds College Continuing Education program,
  • or are a past or present member of the staff or Faculty,

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