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Community Learning Campus

The Community Learning Campus is a joint venture between Olds College and the Chinook’s Edge School Division. This innovative partnership addresses specific rural needs by sharing resources and working jointly with a variety of community groups and agencies to create facilities and programs that support high school, post-secondary and community education. Located on the Olds College Campus, the Community Learning Campus consists of three shared multi-use facilities complete with integrated programming.

e-Learning Centre

Strategically located in the centre of the campus, and adjacent to the existing Learning Resource Centre, the Bell e-Learning Centre enables access to shared learning resources for students, staff and the surrounding communities. The facility is the hub for e-Learning and the connected community, providing improved rural access to broadband technologies, such as video conferencing, through the SuperNet.

Technology Labs - High-end computer labs for learning about all things spatial. Specialized software and equipment in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Computer Aided Design (CAD), Remote Sensing, Precision Farming, and GPS allows students to learn and apply the latest industry tools to help solve complex land-related issues.

Media Studies Studio - A state of the art media services studio that delivers courses in Career and Technology Studies. Students will also be involved in the production of materials that can be used on campus and in the school.

Office of the Registrar - Housed within the Bell e-Learning Centre is the Olds College Office of the Registrar. 

Students’ Association Of Olds College - 
the Student’s Association of Olds College facilities include office space, meeting rooms and The Crossing, the Students’ Association owned and operated restaurant and lounge. The facilities are accessible to students for activities and leadership opportunities including spaces for school clubs to meet.

The Ralph Klein Centre

The Ralph Klein Centre was opened in 2010, and was named after the late Ralph Klein, former premier of Alberta. It is home to the CLC Fitness Centre, the Olds High School, as well as following government administration offices including Central Alberta Child and Family Services, Olds Alberta Works Centre, Olds Campus Community Health Centre.

The Ralph Klein Centre is also home to the Olds College Broncos, and where they host the majority of their games. The Ralph Klein Centre has three full court gymnasiums, each designed for multi-sport use. It is also equipped with retractable bleachers with capacity for over 2000 spectators, and a state of the art sound system. All three courts are surrounded by a second floor 200-metre three lane track, and four dressing rooms.

The Ralph Klein Centre is also home to the CLC Fitness Centre, which is equipped with Hammer Strength and Life Fitness Equipment. Equipment is USB and iPod compatible, cardio equipment also features 17" TVs.

The CLC Fitness Centre also offers:

  • 200-meter rubberized running track
  • 27 pieces of cardio equipment
  • nine piece circuit series
  • two Olympic platforms
  • a variety of weight equipment
  • racquetball/squash court
  • fitness classes
  • rec league sports
  • Normie Kwong Field
  • baseball diamond

High Performance Centre

The High Performance Centre is crucial to the development of our student-athletes and athletes from across central Alberta. In addition to top quality workout equipment, it also features additional training rooms, racket courts, a multipurpose space and change rooms.

Fine Arts Theatre

The Fine-Arts Theatre, opened in late 2008. The facility offers a 350+ seat theatre which is used for community events, high school drama productions and more. Uniquely designed to serve a multitude of functions, from elaborate dinner theatre to informal community jam sessions, or wedding receptions to professional drama productions. A large portion of the theatre seating can be pulled back to fit discreetly against the wall, immediately changing the feel and function of the space. This visual and performing arts facility provides multi-function use for Olds High School students, Olds College students and the strong arts community of Central Alberta. The fully functioning theatre contains a state-of-the art sound system, 73 computerized stage lights on an automated dimming system, and the latest design of patron seating that blends visibility with comfort. 

Band Rooms - this purpose-built space was designed with acoustics in mind. Its main purpose is Olds High School classroom space, but the Band Room may also be used by community members outside of school hours.

Cosmetology Room - this regular classroom-sized room is equipped with sinks and beautician’s chairs. It will be used predominantly for Olds High School cosmetology classes, but will also become the dressing room for theatre productions. Olds High School curriculum includes a new Stage Make-Up course and the space is built to accommodate a fully functioning hair styling salon for CTS courses.

Art Room - Art takes shape in this space, where everything from giant set design and construction to fine sculpture is created. A separate stained glass room contains special venting to allow artists to cut, solder and design safely and easily. A separate kiln room allows sculptors and potters to produce an entire project in house.


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