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Olds College Brewery Will Capture CO2 to Reduce Emissions

April 22, 2021

Olds College Brewery Will Capture CO2 to Reduce Emissions


Olds College is collaborating with Blindman Brewing, Earthly Labs and Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute in the Brewery GHG Reduction First-of-a-Kind Commercialization project by adopting a CO2 capture and reuse technology in the brewing process.

This project aims to reduce GHG emissions by capturing and reusing CO2  that would otherwise be wasted into the atmosphere. By adding this technology to the brewing process, the goal is to reduce emissions and create a valuable product. This affordable solution will be revenue saving and generating for the small to medium sized craft brewer.

Sustainability is of high-importance at Olds College and in agriculture and agri-food industries. Our students learn to create sustainable environments within their role in agriculture that will greatly impact the collective future.

Olds College Brewery students will be at the forefront of carbon capture technology, allowing them to resource sustainable options in the brewing industry. 

“The technology in this project relates directly to what students need to be utilizing in the future as the brewery trade professionalizes,” says Peter Johnston-Berresford, Coordinator of the Brewmaster Program at Olds College. “We don't just train brewers, we train change leaders for their respective trades.”

This project is being funded by Emissions Reduction Alberta as they are committing $33 million to 17 projects that will advance technology innovations in Alberta’s agriculture, agri-food and forestry sectors. If the 17 projects are successful, an estimated 2.7 million tonnes of CO2 will be reduced by 2030.

Olds College Brewery

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