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Olds College updates Strategic Plan, Growing 2025

September 01, 2021

Olds College updates Strategic Plan, Growing 2025

The College’s strategic plan was produced in 2018 to provide a clear direction for the College centred around growth and achieving our social purpose of “transforming agriculture for a better world.”  In 2021, the College reviewed the plan, to assess the achievements to date and in some cases to set new targets.  


“When we set out to create a seven-year strategic plan in 2018, we knew it would provide a clear direction for Olds College,” comments Stuart Cullum, President, Olds College. “The response we have seen both internally and externally to our strategic plan has been incredible.” 

Below are just some of the highlights, the College has achieved since 2018:

  • Enrollment has increased 12% (compared to 2017/2018).

  • Annual applied research now exceeds $6 million (140% increase)

  • 96% Students would recommend Olds College to a friend.

  • Implementing our Indigenous Strategy and signed the CICan Indigenous Education Protocol.

  • More than 140 external industry partners, donors, research agencies and PSI’s.

  • More than $74 million in earned revenue and investment.

  • Two new ag-tech credentials approved and launched.

  • Established the Werklund School of Agriculture Technology, now includes 6 academic programs.

  • 55% increase in farmland (total of 2,800 acres) since the launch of the Smart Farm in 2018.

  • Over $30 million in funding approved and raised for the development of and expansion of student learning and applied research facilities, including the Ag-Tech Learning Hub, Animal Health Education Centre and the Smart Ag Innovation Centre.

  • Applied Research grants and funding in excess of $23 million.

  • 100% increase in student participation in applied research activities.

  • 50% of academic programs have increased capacity.

  • Established the Olds College Equity, Diversity and Inclusion committee made up of Olds College employees and students.

See the updated Strategic Plan Growing 2025 

Check out our Smart Farm 2021 Impact Report


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