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2021 and 2022 Hall of Fame and Merit Award Winners Inducted at AgSmart

August 12, 2022

2021 and 2022 Hall of Fame and Merit Award Winners Inducted at AgSmart

On August 10, 2022 at AgSmart an Induction Ceremony was held to celebrate the 2021 and 2022 Hall of Fame and Hall of Merit award winners.

Every year the Olds College Alumni Association accepts nominations for the Hall of Merit and Hall of Fame. These awards are presented to alumni who have distinguished themselves by making significant contributions to Olds College, the community, society, and/or their chosen career or industry. The Hall of Merit award goes to alumni under the age of 40, and Hall of Fame over the age of 40. 


The ceremony was hosted at the Alumni Tent at AgSmart with over 50 friends, family, and fellow alumni of the award winners. The awards were presented by Michael Frankiw, President of the Olds College Alumni Association, and Past President, Edward Shaw. In addition, President of Olds College, Ray Block welcomed everyone in attendance and congratulated the award winners.

Marguerite Watson - 2021 Hall of Fame

Marguerite graduated in 1962 from Home Economics at Olds College. Marguerite undertook the task of Class Agent for 1961 & 1962 Olds College graduating classes and still to this day is keeping in touch with classmates. Marguerite married Charles Watson, who is also an Olds College alum, and together they raised two children. Marguerite has put in countless hours volunteering at the College. In 2002, Marguerite donated 12 varieties of Asiatic lilies and 6 types of Heritage Irises to the Olds College botanical garden where they are still blooming. Marguerite has fundraised for the College Centennial and the Alumni Association, on multiple occasions, and volunteered at past summer reunions. In 2016, Marguerite joined the Alumni Association board and served for two years. Aside from her various contributions to Olds College, Marguerite is also an active member within her community.

Jamie Christie - 2021 Hall of Merit

Jamie graduated from the Olds College Agricultural Service Technician Apprenticeship in 2008. With a passion for moving agriculture forward, Jamie has always had a focus on land and resource utilization on their 4th generation farm. Jamie is a managing partner at Arns Brae Farms Ltd, a mixed grain and cattle farm located in Trochu, Alberta. On their farm, Jamie has implemented various new technologies, including Controlled Traffic Farming as co-operator with CTF Alberta’s research project. Jamie is also widely involved with the agriculture industry. He was the Board Chair for the Three Hills and District Seed Cleaning Plant for 11 years, was an Alberta Barley Commission delegate for 10 years, and has sat on the CTF Alberta steering committee for the past 6 years.

Mark Kaun - 2022 Hall of Fame

Mark graduated from the Olds College Crop Production Technology program in 1978. Mark is a successful seed grower, and owner and operator of their family run business Kaun’s Seeds Ltd. At Kaun’s Seeds Ltd, he uses various precision farming tools and continues to learn about the latest technologies in agriculture. Mark has given his time and resources generously to the College, serving two terms as a public member of the Olds College Board of Governors. As a Board member, Mark chaired the External Relations Committee where his passionate advocacy for the College was influential. Mark generously hosted partners and friends of Olds College on his farm. Since leaving the board, Mark continues to be involved in the agriculture industry and Olds College. Mark is currently serving as a member of the Werklund Governance Team and continues to share his ideas about the agriculture industry with  the College. He is passionate about the land and agriculture. An amazing long-term supporter and advocate, Mark has been donating to Olds College since he graduated from the Crop Production Technology program in 1978. That’s over 40 years of support to Olds College! Mark was also a Director and President of the Olds College Alumni Association from 1982-1992. He was also a director and president of the Alberta Branch Canadian Seed Growers Association for 10 years. Mark sat on the organizing committee for the World Plowing Match in 2013 hosted by Olds College. 

Megan Lethbridge - 2022 Hall of Merit Award

Megan graduated from the Land and Water Resources Diploma at Olds College, majoring in Environmental Stewardship and Rural Planning in 2015. Megan then came back to graduate with the Business Management Certificate at Olds College in 2016 with Honors. While going to school, she also was the Vice President and President of the Student Association of Olds College. Megan is the owner of her business Prairie Heart Farm Florals where she plants, harvests and sells cut flowers since 2019. Not only has Megan started her own business, but she has created a community through her flower farm. Additionally, Megan currently works at the Camrose Regional Exhibition and Agriculture Society as a Agriculture Liaison. 

Congratulations to Marguerite, Jamie, Mark and Megan on their recent induction into the Olds College Alumni Association’s Hall of Fame and Hall of Merit.

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