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Calgary Board of Education Partners with Olds College to Bring Agriculture Technology Programs to Urban Learners

November 15, 2022

Olds College of Agriculture Technology is teaming up with the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) to bring agriculture technology classes to Calgary high school students. Offered through the College’s dual-credit program and as part of the CBE’s Unique Pathways program, students in CBE high schools will be able to earn high school and college credits, while learning about agriculture technology.


“The first agriculture technology dual credit course we will be offering with Olds College is ATI3002 Design Thinking in Agriculture,” comments Ken Weipert, Education Director, CBE. “Taught by an Olds College faculty member, students will explore design thinking processes and methodologies in agriculture technology in a project-based team environment.

Students will use different technologies (3D printing, robotics, etc.) to design, create, test and evaluate a prototype that addresses an issue in the booming agriculture industry. This course will break down barriers connecting future technology jobs in the agriculture industry to urban students.”  

“We are very excited to partner with the CBE to bring agriculture education to urban learners,” comments Jay Steeves, Dean, Werklund School of Agriculture Technology, Olds College. “Agriculture is an exciting industry that offers many career opportunities that include both urban and rural settings. We are looking for students who are interested in robotics, technology, business and problem solving. Agriculture offers careers with corporations in downtown Calgary, to careers in rural farm settings.” 

The first course will be offered to Calgary high school students in grade 11 or 12 during the second semester in February 2023. Students will earn five high school credits, and three post-secondary credits by completing the course. Registration for Solving Technology Problems - Design Thinking and Robotics (ATI3002) is open now. Students who are interested can visit and chat with their school’s Off-campus Coordinator to learn more.

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