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Introducing Olds College of Agriculture & Technology - New Brand Unveiled

August 30, 2022

Introducing Olds College of Agriculture & Technology, a technical institution offering industry demand-driven programming with an intensive focus on agriculture and technology. Activating. Real. Purposeful. The new brand for Olds College of Agriculture & Technology captivates all of the amazing work that the College does to drive innovation in agriculture. 

At Olds College of Agriculture & Technology, agriculture is not just a stand alone program offered by a single faculty of a giant comprehensive institution — it’s part of every school on our campus and it defines our campus environment. Agriculture is how we started; it’s core to who we are today and how we make our mark; and it’s our future because it’s our single greatest opportunity to shape the world in meaningful ways. 

It is through applied research that Olds College of Agriculture & Technology finds answers to some of the biggest issues our world faces today, and through experience-based learning that we build the workforce to prepare for tomorrow. Olds College of Agriculture & Technology provides a unique student experience by creating advanced learning environments where students connect with real world opportunities and businesses, on a destination campus that promotes community. 

This is the feedback received from months of consultation with the College’s campus community, and the foundation for the new public facing name and brand: Olds College of Agriculture & Technology. Break New Ground. 

“Our new brand captures the institution that we have grown into and represents the incredible work that is being done at Olds College of Agriculture & Technology,” comments Blayne Meek, Director, Marketing & Communications. “When we started talking to members of the College community strong themes emerged around the purpose and impact of our organization, along with an intense openness to changing the existing brand framework and logo. All of the themes and insights gathered from our campus consultations were used to create the foundation of our new brand.”  

“The ag sector is poised to undertake a dramatic evolution that will foster innovation and technology, and create economic and employment opportunities at a pace that was hard to imagine just a few short years ago,” comments Patrick Machacek, VP, Development and Strategy. “Olds College of Agriculture & Technology is positioned to lead at the forefront of this emerging ag revolution. We are shaping the hearts and minds of a new generation of learners, employers, and partners; and our new brand beautifully captures the essence of who we are and our promise to Canada’s ag sector.”

The new public facing name is paired with a new visual identity and logo that signals the strength of the College’s positioning within the educational, agricultural and ag-tech sectors. Overtly, the shield form suggests heraldry associated with higher learning institutions. Within the shield form, one can easily recognize the field and sky symbolism related to agriculture. More subtle is the logo’s precise line forms, its central hexagon form, colour story and font selection — all of which express the College’s technological excellence. The logo also captures the concept of connection — which can be seen in the interconnectivity of the forms that create the shield.

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