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Preparing for Growth - Olds College Creates Campus Master Plan

March 18, 2022

With two large construction projects underway (the Ag Tech Learning Hub set to open this September and the Animal Health Education Centre scheduled for fall 2023), and several more projects being planned, Olds College has created a Campus Master Plan to provide the institution with a roadmap for future growth and development of the campus. 

Through consultation with several stakeholder groups including staff, faculty, students, Mountain View Country, the Town of Olds and the community, Olds College has created a plan that is centered around nine goals: 

  1. Design a sustainable and resilient campus, incorporating flexibility, adaptability, and responsiveness for decades to come.

  2. Prioritize agriculture focused knowledge and work and agrifood whole system approach by making these visible and impactful in campus planning and design.

  3. Strategically incorporate excellence and innovation in planning and design of buildings, public realm, and college lands.

  4. Support learning practices that are diverse, current and evolving, through Campus design and planning for both interior and exterior spaces.

  5. Enhance and showcase existing and future research spaces, and make applied research visible throughout the campus.

  6. Create a sense of togetherness and connection that inspires collaboration and innovation through the planning and design of Campus spaces.

  7. Create an appealing and welcoming campus for visiting, learning, working, and living.

  8. Create a vibrant and livable campus, with amenities, activities, and opportunities to engage socially, academically, and professionally.

  9. Create an inclusive, accessible, and safe campus environment that fosters wellness and sense of place. 

Supporting the goals is a land use framework that focuses on repurposing and renovating existing facilities around the main campus core and and surrounding areas or ‘precincts’ altogether forming a Main Campus Centre. A Wayfinding and mobility framework is also captured in the plan, with Gateway B being transitioned into the campus ‘Front Door’ for visitors. 

The Campus Master Plan is an important tool that will assist the College in achieving strategic driver #7 in the Olds College Strategic Plan: Growing 2025; ‘Be a Smart and Sustainable Campus’. 

View the Campus Master Plan

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