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Breaking New Ground: Olds College Surges Toward Strategic Enrolment Goals

January 26, 2024

Olds, Jan 24, 2024 – Olds College of Agriculture & Technology proudly announces it is on track to meet its enrolment target for the current academic year and projected to meet the enrolment goals set in its strategic plan, “Growing 2025.” As of Jan. 16, 2024, the enrolment projection for the 2023-2024 academic year stands at an impressive 1,987.21 full load equivalents (FLEs) with a headcount of 3,150. 

The Recruitment team was among the many groups who worked so hard to have us meet our enrolment targets.
The Recruitment team was among the many groups who worked so hard to have us meet our enrolment targets.

A standout achievement is the substantial increase in domestic student enrolment, poised to exceed its annual projection by nearly 10 per cent. This underlines Olds College's commitment to delivering outstanding education to local students, further solidifying its role as a community-centric institution. 

Year over year, Olds College anticipates a commendable 31 per cent surge in student enrolment when considering both international and domestic students—a milestone that aligns with the overarching goal set in its strategic plan of reaching 2,000 FLEs and achieving a 50 per cent increase in non-FLE enrolment by the end of 2025. 

In tandem with this enrolment success, Olds College celebrates a notable rise in academic achievement with the Fall term witnessing some of the highest levels of student success in the past five years as demonstrated by the number of returning students. This dual accomplishment showcases the institution's commitment to both student success and quality in higher education.

"We are elated to share this outstanding news — a testament to the collective dedication of our Olds College community," said Dr. Ben Cecil, president. "This achievement reflects not only enrolment growth, but also our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional education and fostering academic success."

Olds College extends its gratitude to all those who have played a vital role in this journey — recruitment, admissions, International education, faculty, staff, our community partners, and numerous others. This remarkable success is a testament to the collaborative efforts of the entire Olds College community.

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