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First Aid

What can you expect from this program/course?


This is a popular and practical course will increase your confidence when caring for the health & wellbeing of your horse. This course will utilize theory, demonstrations, and hands-on learning.

Delivery: Olds Campus

Program Dates: TBD

Fees: $299 + GST (includes textbook)


Credential: Non-credit

Length of Program: 2 days and 1 evening

Applications Open: Registrations are accepted as long as there are seats available, however this class fills quickly, so you are encouraged to register early.

Prerequisites: None

Required Materials: Please note that this is a hands-on course, so please arrive with:

  1. Safe & appropriate footwear (cowboy boots or work boots)
  2. Clothing that allows ease of movement and layers to accommodate variable weather


What will you learn?

In this course you will learn how to properly and efficiently care for your horse, including first aid situations. Topics include:

  • The why, when, and where to provide vaccinations
  • Parasite control options to maintain a healthy horse
  • Identifying the difference between a healthy and sick horse
  • First aid materials and application
  • What to do until the vet arrives
  • Basic stages of wound care
  • Medications
  • Managing the injured horse
  • Principles of applying bandages
  • For our equine short courses, there is technically no age restriction. As long as a student is 13, independent (no parents along to oversee) or over and feels confident with the subject (in this case they are comfortable/experienced handling horses), then we will allow them to enroll. We have had a number of teenagers take most of the short equine courses over the years and they have been successful.
  • Yes, you will receive a certificate of participation. Please note that this does not in any way 'certify' you to practice first aid for horses, it only recognizes that you have completed the course.

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