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Professional Racetrack Groom Course


What can you expect from this course?

The Professional Racetrack Groom Course is a “Learn and Earn” concept program that will give you the confidence and skill to become a professional licensed Groom at Alberta Horse Racing Tracks! This unique program allows you to learn from and practice your skills with industry professional instructors, all while allowing you to earn a wage working in the industry! You will acquire the skills you need to provide intensive professional care to elite racehorses. 

Delivery: Online, Olds Campus, Century Mile Racetrack Nisku

Fees: $1000

Program Dates: January - May

  • January 22 - March 15, 2024Face-to-face at Olds College (includes chores and class time plus chores on weekends)
  • March 18 - May 3, 2024: Earn and Learn with trainers at Century Mile Racetrack in Nisku. 
  • May 6 - August 16, 2024: Practicum

Credential: Non-credit

Registrations: Registrations are accepted as long as seats are available, however, it is recommended that you register early as this class is limited to a small number of students to ensure your safety and an optimal learning experience

Required Materials: Appropriate footwear (no running shoes) and clothing suitable for working with horses and variable weather.

Admission Requirements: This is an employment-driven program where Horse Racing Alberta (HRA) is making a commitment to training and hiring professional grooms.  Students are expected to maintain a minimum 70% average in order to be licensed by HRA and work in the industry.  Students should also be aware that this is a physically demanding program, representative of what would be expected with any subsequent employment in the industry.

Selection Process: 

  • Small classes promote quality education- applicants will be carefully selected.
  • Selected applicants will be contacted for an interview.  

What will you learn?

With support from Horse Racing Alberta and industry professionals you will receive your hands on training at the Century Mile Racetrack in Nisku Alberta.

Upon successful completion of this program you will be able to understand horse behaviors, explain the workings of the horse racing industry, develop personal career skills, demonstrate practices for barn safety and cleanliness, demonstrate horse handling techniques for high powered horses, identify and apply horse racing tack, identify equine anatomy and related lameness, apply stable and exercise bandages, perform race day procedures, execute regular health checks on horses, follow protocols for equine medical emergencies, and explain Equine Nutrition! 

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