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Reclamation Workshops


What can you expect from this program/course?

Mirriam-Webster Dictionary defines reclamation as “to rescue from an undesirable state or to restore to a previous natural state.” In the world of Land and Environmental Reclamation, this often refers to the act of cleaning up a work site, such as those in the mining or oil and gas industries. Olds College offers a number of courses based on teaching the fundamentals of reclamation in terms of mitigating environmental impact of industry, so companies can thrive without damaging the world around us.

Oilfield Reclamation:

  • Delivery: Online
  • Program Dates: April 2 - May 24, 2024
  • Fees: $799 + GST 
  • Length of Program: 8 Weeks


Fundamentals of Reclamation: 

  • Delivery: TBD
  • Program Dates:  TBD
  • Fees: TBD
  • Length of Program: TBD

Registration Deadline: 2 weeks prior to course start date

Workshop Details

Fundamentals of Reclamation  |  TBD

The reclamation of disturbed sites is an important part of the Oil & Gas Industry. The Fundamentals of Reclamation is a 2-day course that will provide you with a basic understanding of site evaluation methods and field practices related to re-establishing soils and vegetation. Topics will include an overview of soil and vegetation assessment methods, Phase I & II ESA procedures and typical reclamation sequences involving soil handling and re-vegetation. (Also involves a 1/2 day field tour).

The learner develops fundamental concepts of business management within the context of agriculture. These basic tools will provide the foundation for sound business decisions as they relate to all aspects and functional areas of the organization.

Required Materials: This course is classroom and field-based, so please arrive with safe and appropriate closed-toe footwear for field tour(s), appropriate clothing for variable weather and conditions, clipboard, paper & pen for taking notes.

Oilfield Reclamation  | April 2 - May 24, 2024

Land Reclamation is an ever-growing issue in Alberta’s oil and gas industry. In this online course, you will receive an overview of petroleum facilities and production practices as they relate to land disturbance. You will also review the regulatory criteria, procedures, and equipment used to assess and reclaim disturbed cultivated, forested, and rangeland sites.

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