Length of Program:  2 Year DiplomaProgram Intakes:  Winter Intake (January program start)January 2020
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Turfgrass Management Diploma

Applications Open: February

Length of Program: Two Years

Program Status: Open

Grow an exciting career in the turfgrass industry with the Turfgrass Management diploma. During this two-year program, you will collaborate with faculty experts while you study renovation, construction, irrigation, design and water management.

Develop your skills through hands-on learning creating bunker and irrigation construction on our unique campus that acts as a living lab, complete with computer controlled greenhouses and a 12,000 square foot Landscape Pavilion. 

Work-Integrated Learning: As part of the Turfgrass Management diploma program, you will complete three Field Schools (six months in total) and three paid internships (six months in total), where you will have the opportunity to put your skills and knowledge in practice, while gaining valuable hands-on work experience in the turfgrass industry. 

Accreditation: Upon completion, graduates of the Turfgrass Management diploma, graduates have the opportunity to earn Federal Pesticide Assistant Certification. Graduates are eligible for membership in the Alberta Golf Superintendents Association (AGSA).

Program Intakes: Winter Intake (January program start)

Applications Open: First Wednesday (9 a.m.) of February for the Winter Intake

Length of Program: Two Years

Method of Delivery: On-Campus 

Credentials: Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will receive a diploma in Turfgrass Management from Olds College of Agriculture & Technology.

Apply Now!

  • "Turf Management is a science nowadays, and a lot more goes into it than people think. An education is the first stepping stone to becoming involved in a turf career. My Olds College experience was great, it got the ball rolling in my golf career and now has lead me to Wimbledon, the pinnacle for sports turf. Everyone knows what Wimbledon is and the rich history it holds. I never thought I would end up in tennis but Olds College and golf got me started."
    • Grant Cantin, Olds College Class of 2000, Head Groundsman, The All England Lawn Tennis Club

Admission Requirements

  • 50% or better in English Language Arts 30-1 or 30-2
  • 50% or better in Math 20-1 or 20-2
  • 50% or better in two of Biology 20, Chemistry 20, Science 20, OR One of Biology 30, Chemistry 30, Science 30
  • Meet the English Language Proficiency Requirement

Academic Upgrading and High School Applicants: Applicants currently in high school or who are completing academic upgrading must submit proof of enrollment and any available interim/midterm marks. Final marks must be submitted within one month following the completion of the course(s) and no later than one month prior to the program start date.

Alternate Admission Option: Alternate Admission status may be offered to applicants who have not or will not complete one of the academic admission requirements. To be considered under Alternate Admission Status, applicants will be asked to provide the following:

  1. (Required) Transcript(s) showing any completed high school and post-secondary courses
  2. (Required) Letter of Introduction and Intent, outlining the following:
    • Introduce yourself
    • Indicate why you wish to enrol in the program
    • Elaborate on your career goals
    • Detail your experience relevant to this program and the industry
  3. (Required) A resume of your work history, extracurricular activities, volunteer service, etc. for the last 5 years
  4. (Optional) Include copies of any tickets and/or certificates you currently hold (e.g.: first aid, safety tickets, etc.)
  5. (Optional) Letter(s) of reference from current or past employers/coaches/etc. (maximum of two letters)

*Submitting Alternate Admission material does not guarantee admission*

International Students in this program will require a Co-Op Permit, a Study Permit and a Social Insurance Number for this program.

Transfer Options: Olds College has developed agreements with other educational institutions to allow for transition to Olds College, or to another institution to continue your education. Articulations & Agreements

Out of Province Applicants: Please refer to the Provincial Equivalency Chart for course equivalencies.

International Applicants: Olds College welcomes applications from International Applicants and those who have completed their high school education outside of Canada. Please note, it is still necessary to meet all of the noted admission requirements, including English Language Proficiency.

Tuition & Fees

  • Year 1: Tuition: $5,795 / Fees: $1,270 / Books & Supplies: $400

  • Year 2: Tuition: $5,795 / Fees: $1,270 / Books & Supplies: $400

Please refer to the current Fee Schedule for complete details.

* Please note that international students pay 3.5 times the domestic tuition amount. These fees are provided as estimates only for the purposes of budgeting. All students should refer to the Fee Schedule for the most accurate information and all fees are subject to change.*

Tuition, Fees & Payments

Scholarships & Student Awards

Olds College offers over 450 awards, valued at $500,000+ in scholarships, bursaries and prizes. Thanks to our industry partners, alumni, and friends of Olds College we are fortunate to offer a generous student awards program to students.

For additional information on scholarships, bursaries and prizes at Olds College, visit Scholarships & Awards

Entrance Awards Available!

Entrance awards range from $250 - $1,500 for students applying for the upcoming academic year and have paid the tuition deposit by the deadline.

Awards are selected randomly from those that have applied and qualify based on the criteria.
Award will be applied as a tuition credit to the student's account after the add/drop course deadline, confirming full-time attendance.
Not all that apply will receive an entrance award.

Student Funding

For information on how to apply for government student loans, financial aid or for help with financial planning, visit our Student Funding page.

Course Details

For course descriptions and requisites, view the Academic Calendar.

Academic Calendar: Turfgrass Management

Term 1
  • Completed the following:
    • TRF1000 - Succeeding in an Inquiry Based Learning Environment (3-0-0 hrs)
    • TRF1210 - Managing Turfgrass (3-0-0 hrs)
    • TRF1600 - Developing Turfgrass Operational Strategies (3-0-0 hrs)
    • TRF1730 - Discovering Construction Principles (3-0-0 hrs)
    • TRF1660 - Managing Sustainable Turfgrass Irrigation (3-0-0 hrs)
    • COM1020 - Workplace Communication (3-0-0 hrs)
    • TRF1620 - Applying Environmental Principles for Pesticide Certification (3-0-0 hrs)
Term 2
  • Completed the following:
    • TRF1720 - Turfgrass Field School I: Assessing Equipment Inventories and Practices (0-6-0 hrs)
    • TRF1740 - Turfgrass Field School II: Discovering Cultural Practices (0-6-0 hrs)
    • TRF1760 - Turfgrass Field School III: Evaluating Playing Conditions (0-6-0 hrs)
Term 3
  • Completed the following:
    • TRF2420 - Managing Agronomic Environments (3-0-0 hrs)
    • TRF2620 - Procuring Pesticide Certification (3-0-0 hrs)
    • TRF2640 - Implementing Turfgrass Management Environmental Systems (3-0-0 hrs)
    • TRF2660 - Evaluating Irrigation Environmental Efficiencies (3-0-0 hrs)
    • TRF2730 - Applying Specialty Turfgrass Construction Techniques (3-0-0 hrs)
    • TRF2740 - Evaluating Professional Standards (3-0-0 hrs)
    • TRF2800 - Managing Turfgrass Soils (3-0-0 hrs)
Term 4
  • Completed the following:
    • TRF2810 - Internship I: Evaluating Turfgrass Facility Infrastructure (0-6-0 hrs)
    • TRF2820 - Internship II: Formulating Ecological System Diversification (0-6-0 hrs)
    • TRF2830 - Internship III: Evaluating Turfgrass Environmental Practices (0-6-0 hrs)

Career Opportunities

Olds College has a solid reputation working with employers in the industry! This directly translates into jobs for our graduates. Opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Superintendent at a smaller operation/property
  • Second assistant at a larger operation/property
  • Foreperson in a municipality
  • Foreperson in a Parks and Recreation operation/property

Visit ALIS to find Occupational Profiles with current wages, industry trends and more!

ALIS Occupational Profiles

Admitted Student Information

Program Dates

Find out when your term start and end dates are, so that you know when you are expected to be in attendance. For more information, please review the Program Dates & Fee Schedule.

Class Registration: You will be registered into your classes automatically. This will happen approximately 1 month prior to the start-date for your program. You will be notified once you have been timetabled into your courses. You will be able to see your class schedule in your My Olds College account. If you need to make any changes to your class registration, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

Technology Recommendation

It is strongly recommended that you come to Olds College with the following technology:

  • A laptop is preferred (Mac or PC)

As part of your student accounts, all students have access to Office 365 for the duration of their time with Olds College. To access this you just need to follow these steps:

  • Go to portal.office.com
  • Enter your Olds College email address and password
  • Once logged in there is a button on the right that says "Install Office Apps"

This will give you access to the full Office suite on your computer, for both Windows and Mac based platforms.

Materials & Supplies:

The following items are required to be purchased prior to the start of your program:

  • Pair of CSA approved steel-toed boots
  • Work gloves
  • Appropriate workwear
  • Pair of good quality safety glasses

Information on other required textbooks and any further supplies will be provided as you attend each class. All books and supplies will be available during the first few weeks of classes in the College Campus Store.

Other Important Information:

  • Time Requirements: Students are typically in class or on field trips for up to 3-6 hours a day Monday through Friday, with normal in-class hours running from 9 am to noon. Occasionally, overnight trips may be necessary. You will also be expected to complete numerous assignments outside of regularly scheduled classes that will vary in terms of their demands upon your time. This amount of time will vary with each course that you take, but a reasonable estimate would be 50 hours per week of effort inclusive of class time.

  • Student Clubs: It is recommended to join the Turf Club and become a CGSA member (if you have not already done so). There are also a number of college sports teams, some of which participate at the inter-collegiate level while others are purely recreational.

  • Additional Skills: Basic computer skills are recommended for all and it is certainly beneficial to have some prior experience with computers before you arrive at the College. A familiarity and comfort in use of Google Docs, word processing, spreadsheet and e-mailing software will be a definite asset.

  • Lockers: All you need to do during your first few days at Olds is to select one without a lock and it’s yours for the duration. I strongly recommend that you select a locker in the first week of classes because of high demand. You are required to provide your own lock.

  • Dress Code: Most students prefer to wear casual clothing to class, but it is recommended you bring semi-formal clothing with you so that you are prepared for employment interviews and other industry opportunities that may present themselves.

For More Information

Our Admissions office can help navigate you through the admissions process and answer any questions you have about your program of study. 

☎ 403.556.8281
☎ 1.800.661.6537
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