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Cannabis Products

cannabis products

The cannabis plant has led to a plethora of distinct products that have a variety of uses, actions, benefits, and drawbacks. This badge focuses on the major product format and the information required to evaluate the quality and effects.

Cost to complete the full badge: $499

This badge includes the following microcredentials:

Methods of Application

Cannabis is more than just smoking. There are several ways to consume cannabis, each with drawbacks, side-effects and completely different ways of interacting with the body. How is each consumption method metabolized, which forms can be recommended and why?

Cost: $149 // Online

Product Assessment of Quality

With the thousands of products, how can we discern which products are of the highest quality? What features should a well-informed cannabis specialist look for in dried cannabis products? This microcredential ties together several areas to equip the learner with the anatomical and scientific background to answer these complex questions.

Cost: $149 // Online

Cannabis Product Storage

It’s one thing to have a quality cannabis product, it’s another thing to keep a cannabis product. This microcredential explores the factors that diminish cannabis quality and guides the learner on how to preserve cannabis until it can be consumed.

Cost: $149 // Online

Terpenes and variations in effects

Terpenes are an advanced way to look at cannabis and its effects. Terpenes are commonly discussed, but rarely understood. This microcredential will look at the frequently encountered terpenes, their qualities, and how they enhance and decrease certain experiences.

Cost: $149 // Online

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A microcredential is a certification of assessed competencies that is additional, alternate, complementary to, or a component of a formal qualification.