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Hydraulic Operations

hydraulic hoses

The Hydraulic Operations online microcredential focuses on providing individuals in a wide variety of fields a better understanding of how hydraulics work, by examining basic scientific concepts and principles. Students explore hydraulic components function and develop the ability to read basic schematics. In the course, students examine maintenance of hydraulic systems and hydraulic safely. 

Dates: Begins the 2nd Wednesday of every month. 

Cost: $280 + GST

Delivery: Online, Self-Directed

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Course Competencies

1. Apply basic scientific and hydraulic concepts to the operation of hydraulic systems.

2. Explain the use of hydraulic systems, identifying the function of system components, and explaining the relationship between pressure, and flow in a hydraulic system.

3. Describe safety considerations and different kinds of maintenance (i.e. preventative maintenance) on hydraulic equipment.

Course Organization and Completion

This online self-directed course is organized into three modules. You are required to complete each module and the learning activities and assessments. Upon completion of the modules you must complete the final assessment.

To successfully complete this course you must:

  • Achieve a minimum of 77% on every quiz and the final assessment
  • Complete all quizzes prior to the final assessment
  • Register and complete the proctored final assessment
  • To register for the final exam please complete the Online Proctor Request form
  • Final exams will be administered twice monthly and you can choose between the two offerings

You have two months to complete the course and upon completion, you will receive recognition and a "digital badge" from Olds College of Agriculture & Technology.

If you have any questions regarding this course please contact Continuing Education at