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Shelterbelt Project

Olds College Centre for Innovation (OCCI) has partnered with the Agroforestry and Woodlot Extension Society of Alberta (AWES) to implement a shelterbelt project at the Pitstra Farm, part of the Olds College Smart Farm located west of Carstairs, Alta. The project aims to enhance the welfare and productivity of grazing livestock by providing shade and protection from the elements. 

The project involves the strategic planting of a two-row shelterbelt — spanning 1.4 km — which will incorporate approximately 1,100 trees, including a mix of conifers, deciduous trees and bushes. The orientation of the shelterbelts has been planned to maximize shade coverage throughout the day while integrating with the existing pasture paddock layout. By reducing heat stress on the livestock during peak temperature periods, the project seeks to improve animal comfort and potentially increase beef production per acre.

Project Goals

  • Establish shelterbelts comprising around 1,100 trees (conifers, deciduous trees and bushes) to provide shade and protection for grazing livestock.

  • Reduce heat stress on livestock during peak temperature periods, promoting animal welfare and potentially increasing beef production per acre.

Funders/Partners: Agroforestry and Woodlot Extension Society of Alberta (AWES)

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