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Sire Progeny


This project evaluates sire-progeny links, breeding plans and information management/record keeping in multi-sire breeding scenarios on commercial herds. 

Commercial herds in Alberta run multiple bulls with cows; knowing sire-progeny links (which sires are related to specific offspring) can help producers understand sires’ current and future contribution to productivity, profitability and sustainability — and track offspring data to make informed breeding decisions. Performance measurement and goal-focused breeding plans are essential to existing and new genetic technologies.

Funders/Partners: Blindman Beef and Bison, Canadian Agricultural Partnership, WCFA

Evaluating Sire-Progeny Links, Breeding Plans & Information Management in Multi-Sire Breeding Scenarios on Commercial Herds: 2019-2022

Four-year research project with Blindman Beef and Bison where 1,021 calves and 23 reference sires were evaluated.

  • Successful demonstration of use and benefits of sire verification in a multi-sire pasture setting.

  • The data gathered enabled researchers to identify trends, individual sire performance, and opportunities for production improvement based on industry benchmarks.

  •  Economic benefits from enhanced breeding plans after sire verification are considerable.  

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