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ChrysaLabs Soil Nutrient Probe Evaluation


Olds College is evaluating the functionality, effectiveness and experience of ChrysaLabs soil nutrient probe in numerous field types and environmental conditions (soil moisture, soil temperature, ambient temperature, frozen soil). The ChrysaLabs probe contains a spectroscopy interface for a 360° analysis of soil nutrients N, K, P, pH, moisture, organic matter, cation exchange capacity (CEC), and micronutrients — providing real-time results of soil nutrients to help producers optimize crop yield and determine fertilizer applications.

Funders/Partners: ChrysaLabs, NSERC, PrairiesCan

2022 Evaluation: ChrysaLabs Soil Nutrient Sensor

  • Tested the ChrysaLabs probe in pasture, cultivated crop land, turf, greenhouse soil, horticultural soil, frozen soil, and dry/hard soil.

  • Collected 600+ samples for calibration data between Fall 2021 and Fall 2022.

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