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The Crop Scan 3300H Grain Analyzer is an agricultural digital technology that is installed on the college’s combine, and is capable of measuring protein and moisture content of harvested grain, oil seeds, and pulse crops in near-real time. Olds College is working closely with Farmers Edge to evaluate the technology, which could lead to producers being able to map geospatial crop information and improve field management. 

Funders/Partners: CFI/RCP, Farmers Edge, NSERC, PrairiesCan, Vantage Canada

Project Information

CropScan: 2022 Summary 



CropScan: 2021 Summary

  • Assess the relative accuracy of geospatial and near real-time protein measurements for barley and wheat.

  • Explore the ability of the CropScan 3300H unit to measure the oil, protein and moisture content of canola.

  • Quantify additional time impacts of on-combine grain analyzer operation.

  • Identify areas of improved efficiencies resulting from use of on-combine grain analyzers.

View CropScan 2021 Summary - Fact Sheet


CropScan: 2020 Summary

  • CropScan 3300H Grain Analyzer predictions aligned with the true protein measurement of the barley confirmed by lab analysis.

  • The equipment was simple to set up and operate.

  • Ongoing multi-year project with opportunities for additional testing.

View CropScan 2020 Summary - Fact Sheet

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