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Disease Risk Utility Monitoring


Olds College is working with METOS Canada on their platform utility for sclerotinia disease prediction modelling in canola by collecting data with multiple Pessl Metos in-field weather stations. The decision to apply fungicide is based on the presence and severity of the disease and is influenced by numerous factors including plant density, humidity, and current/forecasted weather. In-field weather stations with accurate disease risk utilities have the potential to assist producers in making informed spray decisions for sclerotinia.

Funders/Partners: METOS by Pessl Instruments, NSERC

Disease Risk Utility Monitoring: 2021 Summary

Multiple Pessl METOS in-field weather and crop monitoring technologies were used to collect data for sclerotinia disease prediction modelling in canola.

  • Level of disease infection was identified as very-low to low based on petal testing and pre-harvest disease assessments.

View Disease Risk Utility Monitoring 2021 Summary - Fact Sheet

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