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In-Field Measurements for a Yield Prediction Model


Olds College is collecting a data package of weather information and crop measurements for Metos Canada to validate their yield calculator, and provide additional measurements to further develop the algorithm into a crop growth model. The data package includes weather station measurements by hour (air temp., relative humidity, global radiation, wind speed & direction, soil moisture & temperature, precipitation, leaf wetness), nitrogen soil sample results, gravimetric measurement of soil water, soil texture, and weekly crop staging, biomass measurements, nitrogen testing of tissue samples and grain yield measurements. 

Funders/Partners: METOS by Pessl Instruments

METOS Yield Prediction Model: 2022 Summary

Collected data for METOS® Canada to help them develop and improve their wheat yield prediction model.

  • 5 major in-field sampling events with the following collected: leaf area index measurements, biomass samples, plant population counts, nitrogen samples and soil samples.

  • In-field equipment: 4 weather stations, 3 crop cameras, 9 hail nets and 3 soil probes.

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