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Rural Connectivity Project: Zetifi

zetifi.webpOlds College of Agriculture & Technology, TELUS Business and TELUS Agriculture are researching solutions to improve cellular service in rural Alberta to better utilize smart ag technology in the future. Currently researchers are assessing the effectiveness of the Zetifi ZetiCell and ZetiRover technologies in improving connectivity by LTE to WiFi technology in a typical rural prairie setting. Certain areas in rural Alberta — such as Pitstra Farm — are more remote and struggle with basic network and cell phone coverage. TELUS is using Pitstra Farm as a research location to test new solutions for improving rural connectivity. Being able to access consistent and reliable broadband would encourage producers to adopt smart ag technologies on their farms, and is a step towards scaling 5G service throughout rural Alberta.

Partners/Funders: TELUS Agriculture,TELUS Business, Zetifi 

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