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Snow Acres Soil Moisture Sensor


Olds College is assessing the second version of the Snow Acres Canada soil moisture sensor system “The Well” as it’s in the final stages of product development. The College is providing analysis of the ease of installation, user experience, connectivity and overall reliability of the sensor and mobile device application — plus potential product improvements for ease of use. Two types of connections, LoRaWAN and Low Earth Orbiting Satellite, will be included in the evaluation. 

Funders/Partners: NSERC, Snow Acres

Snow Acres Satellite Connectivity 2023 Summary

Evaluation of the Fitness, Accuracy & Efficiency of “The Well” Version 2 Device

  • ‘The Well’ V2 has been evaluated in-lab and within a greenhouse environment.

  • This version is a major improvement and shows great potential for Plug n Play readiness.

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