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Olds College is evaluating how the Spornado Sampler contributes to the canola fungicide application decision process. The College will evaluate how Spornado lab results influence the timing, speed, ease, confidence, and final recommendation of the fungicide application decision making process in canola. Additionally, with the use of in-field weather stations the College will provide Spornado with weather data that aligns to the timing of exposure for each Spornado cassette.

Partners/Funders: Spornado, NSERC, PrairiesCan, 20/20 Seed Labs

Spornado: 2022 Summary

Evaluation of how the Spornado Sampler — a tool to inform producers on the presence of airborne disease spores within their fields — contributes to the canola fungicide decision process, and compare sampler types.

  • 83% of combined responses indicated Spornado influenced their fungicide recommendation.

  • 7 of 10 occurrences: solar powered Spornado Sampler had higher spore loads by 2 - 3 times than passive sampler.

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