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AgExpert Field

Olds College Centre for Innovation (OCCI) is teaming up with AgExpert and FCC to evaluate farm accounting software using data from the Olds College Smart Farm. 

AgExpert Field at AgSmart

AgExpert has been helping farmers in various agriculture and food sectors for over two decades. AgExpert Field and AgExpert Accounting software were created to help farmers digitize their records.

Project Goals

  • Supplying AgExpert Field with a complete dataset of as-applied data from the Smart Farm that can be used to test new features and functionality within AgExpert Field. 
  • Inputting field activities and financial data for cultivated fields at the Smart Farm within AgExpert Field to obtain profitability.
  • Provide AgExpert Field with postseason feedback to either validate, educate or improve the software. 
Funders/Partners: FCC, AgExpert Field

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