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Agtron Remote Monitoring

Seed monitoring systems can be a useful tool for producers, helping mitigate problems like planting too much seed or not having enough seed.

AgTron Display

Producers can run into a number of issues with air seeders, including buildup, blockage and a lack of seed in the hose system. The problems can develop due to several reasons like humidity, dust buildup and energy loss. Olds College Centre for Innovation (OCCI) will work with Agtron Enterprises Inc. on the Olds College Smart Farm to evaluate Agtron’s remote monitoring system.

Project Goals

  • Verify the remote monitoring portion of Agtron’s legend rate and blockage sensor system on a seed-master drill during normal seeding activities. 
  • Deliver a comprehensive report detailing observations related to the Agtron remote monitoring seed counting system during project operations.

Funders/Partners: Agtron Enterprises Inc., IRAP CTO

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