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Axa Remote Sensing

Precision agriculture throughout Western Canada is rapidly growing, but adopting precision agriculture technologies — like variable rate application — is low, according to experts.

Axa remote sensing map

Axa Group provides a number of services to the agriculture industry, including crop monitoring, soil analysis, carbon measurements and yield prediction.

Olds College Centre for Innovation (OCCI) is teaming up with Axa Group to utilize georeferenced points to identify variation and relationships between crop growing factors within a field. The trials will take place on the Olds College Saskatchewan Smart Farm near Craik, Sask.

Project Goals

  • Provide access to Olds College assets for Axa to obtain soil samples for lab analysis — data which they can utilize in conjunction with their own products as a driver to artificial intelligence, machine learning and validation. 

Funders/Partners: Axa Group, NSERC, PrairiesCan

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