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Disease Distribution in Canola


In collaboration with xarvio Digital Farming Solutions, Olds College Centre for Innovation (OCCI) is completing disease identification on Field 18 of the Olds College Smart Farm to display canola disease distribution within the field. This will assist in forming a comparison of disease presence to site specific soil characteristics. The georeferenced results will be compared to geospatial soil samples within the HyperLayer Data Concept. For producers, being able to identify disease presence attached to geospatial layers could result in variable rate applications or early detection of disease.

Researchers will perform one-acre grid sampling (106 acres) for the presence of sclerotinia stem rot and blackleg, and create geospatial layers representative of sclerotinia and blackleg diseases to assess levels of disease presence and severity, including cross-referencing the results of the disease assessments with other geospatial layers available within the HyperLayer Project.

Funders/Partners: xarvio Digital Farming Solutions, powered by BASF, NSERC

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