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In-Bin Drying: Top Grade Ag


The In-Bin Drying Monitor is a technology developed by Top Grade Ag that uses a proprietary algorithm with pressure, temperature and humidity sensors to optimize grain drying procedures. This technology, which is being evaluated by Olds College, could improve the cost effectiveness and efficiencies involved in drying grain using a bin drying strategy as an alternative to specialized grain drying equipment requiring a higher initial capital investment.

Using sensors to estimate airflow, temperature and humidity at the air inlet and outlet, the IBD technology allows operators to track the progress of a drying event. This enables farmers to optimize their drying operation while reducing energy consumption and total input drying costs. This project aims to: (1) determine if growing degree days can be an indicator to estimate harvest dates with consideration for grain quality and optimal harvest timing; (2) determine if large electric motors impact WiFi connection capabilities of TGA equipment; and (3) quantify energy consumption of TGA in-bin grain drying equipment for grain conditioning activities taking place on the Smart Farm.

Funders/Partners: CFI/RCP, NSERC, PrairiesCan, RCP, Top Grade Ag

2021 Summary - Fact Sheet

  • Estimated moisture of the TGA Control Center was ±0.16% of actual moisture — level of accuracy is very acceptable for typical on-farm use.

  •  Using current TGA technology to predict the formation of condensation development is possible.

  • Multi-year project continues with opportunities for additional testing.

In-Bin Drying: 2021 Summary - Fact Sheet


2020 Summary - Fact Sheet

  • Top Grade Ag software is user friendly, effective and intuitive.

  • Sensors are highly accurate at measuring air temperature, humidity and static pressure.

  • Ongoing multi-year project with opportunities for additional testing.

In-Bin Drying: 2020 Summary - Fact Sheet

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