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Assistive Technology

Assistive technology (AT)  is devices and software that are designed to help you increase, maintain or improve your ability to do something.

  • Training and support is provided 
  • We will also help troubleshoot technology operation problems.

Assistive Technology commonly used by students:

Text-to-Speech (TTS) Software: Reads electronic files aloud and assists you with your grammar and spelling.

  • Read & WriteKurzweil
  • Read and Write is available on campus computers as well as can be downloaded on your own computer.
Note taking Support: provides a set of typed notes from a professional note taker.

Screen Magnification and Screen Reading Software: Enlarges your screen and will read the screen aloud for people who have vision-related barriers

Dictation Software: Types the words that you speak aloud

Accessibility features are also built into operating systems and programs some of these include Google products, Windows, Mac, Microsoft office products,Apple devices and Android devices.


Coordinator, Accessibility Services
Jessica Ollenberger
Phone: 403.507.7925

Accessibility Services Advisor