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Award Application Instructions

Award Application Instructions

Fluid Review is the Olds College Awards and Scholarship system. It uses the your Olds College email address and password.

Step-by-step award application instructions

Browse to:, under the Students section of the web site, click 'Sign In'.


Login with your Olds College email and password and click 'Sign In'.


Step 1: Complete the Student Profile and Financial Need Budget Forms. These forms help to filter which awards you are eligible for.

Upon successful sign-in, you will be taken to your Scholarship Dashboard. This dashboard will allow you to:

  1. Apply for awards
  2. View award application progress
  3. Edit your student profile. Which consists of program, family history and extracurricular activities relating to award eligibility
  4. Financial Need Budget Form consists of personal (spousal also if applicable) financial information required for award eligibility criteria

Student Profile Form

Begin by filling out the Student Profile in the task list, press the Start button to continue



  • Fill out all information as required, any information which is required and is not filled out in the form will be highlighted as shown below. Scroll down to answer the required questions which are highlighted with the message below:
  • Upon successful completion of the Student Profile, the status will change from INCOMPLETE to COMPLETE

Financial Need Budget Form

  • Fill out the Financial Need Budget Form, press the Start button to continue5-financialneedbudgetform-google-docs.png6-numberofmonths.png
    • Note: if your tuition in the budget form is Zero ($0) or incorrect, please contact the Awards Development Officer

    • Enter in the number of months for your program and press Next

    • Answer all questions in the second page of the Financial Need Budget Form, if you are unsure of the values, you can always save the form and return later, or alternatively Save & Submit, if you have any questions please contact the Awards Development Officer for additional clarification/assistance.7-savesubmit.png

    • Once both Student Profile and Financial Need Budget Form tasks are completed, you can view awards you are eligible for based on the information provided.

Step 2: Applying for Awards/Scholarships

  • Login to the Scholarship portal and make sure both Student Profile and Financial Need forms and both correct and complete
  • Click View Scholarships



  • You will be taken to a list of awards which you are eligible for, if you have multiple awards, click the View my list button
  • Scroll through the list of awards, if an award is closed or is currently not open for applications, you will not be able to apply for it indicated by the No longer available message under the ACTIONS header



  • Awards which are open and accepting applications will have a green Apply Now button, press the Apply now to apply to the award. Note: if you have multiple awards you wish to apply for, you must click the green Apply Now button for each individual award.
  • Any tasks/prerequisites which are requiring completion will need to be completed before your application is complete. Complete all tasks if required. An example is shown below. Click the Start button to complete the task(s).



  • Once tasks are completed, pressing Submit Application Materials will complete the application process for that specific award. Note: once you have completed your submission, you are unable to edit your responses/add materials.
  • After the Submit Application Materials button is pressed, you will be taken to a screen to finalize the submission. Pressing continue will successfully submit the application.

  • Upon successful award/scholarship application, you will receive a confirmation email. This signifies the application was successfully received and is currently under review.

Viewing Open Award Submissions & Statuses

After applying for awards, you can view the current progress status if your application. Award statuses are found in the Your Scholarships  section in the Scholarship dashboard.


To view more information about the award submission, click on the View button, you can regularly check on the status for the most update statuses.

I was chosen for an award, now what?

If you are successful chosen applicant for an award, you are required to accept or decline the award offer and complete additional tasks as required (such as a thank you card). Tasks to be completed are found in the Your Scholarships section, and have the ACTION REQUIRED status.


  1. Press the Continue button to go to the offer acceptance page, make your choice and press Save & Continue, you will be taken back to the action required page.6-acceptordecline.png
  2. You may be required to Submit Acceptance Materials (depends on the award), if this is the case, press the Submit Acceptance Materials button.

  3. If you wish to submit your acceptance, press Continue.
  4. You have successfully accepted the award.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If your award is currently under review, the reviewing committee is currently reviewing your information.
  • If your award/scholarship has the unsuccessful application status, you are not the successful applicant of the award/scholarship. If you are an unsuccessful applicant of an award, you will also receive an email from the Olds College Awards Development Officer.
  • If your award application has the ACTION REQUIRED status, additional action items or tasks are required for your submission. Press the View button for additional information.
  • If you are successful chosen applicant for an award, you are required to accept or decline the award offer and complete additional tasks as required (such as a thank you card). Tasks to be completed are found in the Your Scholarships section, and have the ACTION REQUIRED status.
  • Reminder: If you have yet to receive your computer and/or email login information, or have not successfully logged into your Olds College email you will be unable to login to Fluid Review to apply for awards. 

    In the event that you have forgotten your password which is preventing your from logging in, IT recommends you reset your password here:

    If you need help logging in or require additional assistance, please please contact IT Support at, 403.507.7777, or in person in the Learning Commons.

    Note: that resetting your password will affect your Olds College computer and email logins. If you have email on any mobile devices, the password will need to be updated to the newest password on those as well.

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