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Cannabis Crop Production

60 Hours | Online | Term 2 | $749.00

Students will learn about the specific Cannabis production requirements and harvesting criteria under controlled environment culture. Cannabis botany, growth cycle, genetics, propagation, pest management, Integrated Crop Management (ICM) and harvesting in both a greenhouse and warehouse setting will be addressed. An introduction to the chemical composition of Cannabis and its importance from a medical and recreational perspective is also included.

Prerequisite: It is strongly recommended that students first complete Applied Botany

Recommended Textbooks:

  • The Art of Growing Premium Cannabis, 2017. Fertile Pages Publishing. R. K. Bernhardt.ISBN: 978-0-93858-4
  • The Cannabis Encyclopedia 2015. Van Patton Publishing. G. F. Van Patten aka J. Cervantes. ISBN: 1-878823-39-6; ISBN: 978-1-878823-39-7

Note: This PHC Cannabis Crop Production course is not part of the Cannabis Production Certificate and does not count as credit towards that programThose seeking the Cannabis Production Certificate must complete the required five courses, as listed in that section.