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Cannabis Use in Canada

cannabis use in canada

This badge explores the history of cannabis through the ancient world, the 20th century and into Canada’s legalization process, including the restrictions, regulations, landmark legal advances, and current landscape that shapes the industry.

Cost to complete the full badge: $399

This badge includes the following microcredentials:

Canadian Regulations and the Cannabis Act

What were the great discoveries that allowed cannabis to transition from a mysterious folk remedy to a widely recognized medical therapy? What were the advancements, and the hindrances to cannabis legalization and who were the people and cultures that were instrumental to legalization?

Cost: $149 // Online

Practical implications of legal requirements (use, packing and distribution)

What led to cannabis being stigmatized, and criminalized and how did the Western world and Canada move toward decriminalization and legalization? What were the cases, bills, and acts that made legalization a reality in Canada?

Cost: $149 // Online

Impact of 21st century discoveries and legalization

What does legalization mean? There are still regulatory and practical restrictions on cannabis being legalized. What are the limitations to cannabis being sold and what do retailers need to know?

Cost: $149 // Online

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A microcredential is a certification of assessed competencies that is additional, alternate, complementary to, or a component of a formal qualification.