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Weaning Methods & Tactile Stimulation on Calf Performance, Health & Welfare


Researchers at the TACLP are studying and comparing differences in weight gain, health and reactivity at handling in imprinted against non-imprinted calves weaned through the use of either nose-flap, fenceline or traditional abrupt weaning.

During the second year of study, the adoption of a novel handling procedure on newborn calves known as tactile stimulation (gently hand rubbing one-day old calves in order to mimic mothering behaviour in the form of licking on its offspring) was combined (or not) with all three weaning methods.

Partners/Funders: Neilson Signature Beef

Weaning Methods & Tactile Stimulation: 2020 & 2021 Summary

Two-year research study to help identify the most appropriate management procedures from birth to weaning for optimal growth and animal welfare for the beef industry.

  • Under conditions and management at the producer partner’s site, fenceline method and adoption of the tactile stimulation in 1-day old calves showed some overall benefits in regards to calf performance and/or health and welfare.

Weaning Methods Summary

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