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Comparisons of In-Field MicroClimate Variability & External Weather Stations


Pan Canadian Smart Farm Network members are conducting a second year of research to compare data collected from weather sensors inside and outside of the crop boundary to produce multiple data sets for analysis, and evaluating how disease development varies within each zone.The data collection includes measurements such as air temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, global radiation, wind speed and temperature, soil moisture, plant growth, and disease scouting. 

This will compare high resolution data (in-field sensors) versus low resolution data (weather station on the side and public weather station) as it compares to disease models. It will also identify if micro-climate data collected within the field provides additional value to farm management decisions (fungicide application and scouting timing). This will provide producers with improved accuracy of localized weather data, and determine if the data received within management zones can help them make informed farm management decisions.

Funders/Partners: CAAIN, Pan-Canadian Smart Farm Network members, ATB, MNP, METOS Canada, UFA




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