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Nurse on Campus

We are committed to providing quality health care and education in a confidential, safe and supportive manner. The campus nurse is available Monday to Friday, through in person appointments, virtual appointments or by phone.


  • confidential assessment, treatment, and/or referral of physical illness or injuries
  • confidential screening and treatment for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
  • health and wellness education
  • equipment loan (crutches, knee walkers, wheelchair)
  • temporary handicapped parking pass program (for use on campus)

Confidentiality: All medical services are strictly confidential and your privacy will be respected. No medical information can be shared without your express consent. Please be informed that registered nurses and doctors are legally and ethically obligated to break confidentiality under the following circumstances: serious risk of suicide or harm to you or others, ongoing abuse or neglect of a child or dependent adult, subpoena of your medical file or required testimony by a court of law.

Student Injury / Incident Reporting

All injuries/incidents are required to be reported, regardless of severity and medical treatment required. To report an injury/incident please see the Olds College Injury/Incident/Concern form.

Note: If your injury/incident occurs during  the direct pursuit of their certificate, diploma, applied degree or accreditation (e.g., class time, directed field study, off-campus student trip), please notify your Instructor. The Instructor will assess the situation and contact additional assistance as appropriate. Depending on the severity of the injury/incident, 911 may be called or you may be asked to see the Campus Nurse for further assessment.

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Travel Vaccines: If you are travelling outside of Canada, it is important that the recommended travel vaccines are current and up to date. As health concerns are constantly changing in some areas of the world, please contact your local travel clinic and/or visit travel health for more information. A Registered Nurse, on campus, may be able to assist in administering the required vaccines. Please contact them for further information.

Program Immunizations

Flu Shots On Campus (Influenza Immunization)

Olds College offers seasonal flu shots through Alberta Health Services on campus.Flu shots can be an important tool in helping to lessen the effects of influenza. Typically flu shots are available beginning in. By taking steps to stay healthy you will be helping to do your part to reduce the risks when exposed to other viruses and will be helping to keep others safe as well.

Book an appointment with one of the registered nurses and you can receive your flu shot at the Health & Wellness Centre.

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Influenza Information

    • easily spread when an infected person sneezes, coughs, or even talks

    • the virus can be breathed in

    • people can be exposed to it when they touch something that carries the virus (e.g., hands, objects) and then touch their eyes or nose

    • influenza can spread before symptoms start

    • an infection of the nose, throat, and lungs that is caused by a virus

    • symptoms start suddenly and may include: fever, sore throat, runny nose, cough, headache, muscle aches, loss of appetite, and feeling tired. Vomiting and diarrhea can happen but is more common in young children

    • pneumonia is the most common complication of influenza

    • influenza can make other health problems worse

    • even healthy, young people can get very sick and die from influenza

    • each year, more than 12,000 people in Canada are admitted to hospital and 3,500 die from influenza

    • get immunized

    • wash your hands with warm water and soap or use an alcohol-based hand rub (hand sanitizer) often

    • cover your cough or sneeze into your arm or a tissue, not your hand

    • stay home when you are sick​

Off Campus Health Services

Wild Rose Medical Centre
4607-50 Ave
Olds, Alberta

Health Link Alberta
Healthadvice or information 24/7
Phone: 811

Parkside Medical Clinic
5018 53 Street
Olds, Alberta T4H 1S6

211 Alberta 
Assistance with finding the right community and social services
Phone: 211

Olds Hospital and Care Center
3901 57 Avenue
Olds, Alberta T4H 1T4

Community Addiction and Mental Health
#212, 5025 50 Street
Olds, Alberta T4H 1R9

Mental Health Helpline
Assistance Available 24/7

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Campus Nurse

For medical emergency situations call 911