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Student Injury/Incident Reporting

Reporting Injuries

All injuries/incidents are required to be reported, regardless of severity and medical treatment required. To report an injury/incident please see the Olds College  Injury/Incident/Concern form.

If your injury/incident occurs during  the direct pursuit of their certificate, diploma, applied degree or accreditation (e.g., class time, directed field study, off-campus student trip), please notify your Instructor. The Instructor will assess the situation and contact additional assistance as appropriate. Depending on the severity of the injury/incident, 911 may be called or you may be asked to see the Campus Nurse for further assessment. 


Student WCB (Workers’ Compensation Board) Coverage

Students that are registered and attending Olds College may be covered by Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) for injuries that arise from participating in an activity that is in the direct pursuit of their certificate, diploma, degree, or accreditation. (See the WCB Student Fact Sheet for more information).  Claims can be initiated by students by completing the WCB Worker Report and using the Government of AB Student Employer Number (316150/8).

WCB coverage may be available for all students enrolled in a vocational or academic program which is a current academic requisite or required as part of the course of study in which the student is registered. This coverage also extends to students placed with Alberta employers to gain practical knowledge related to their studies.


What is Workers Compensation?

WCB is a no fault insurance program governed by the Alberta Workers' Compensation Act. This legislation provides for coverage for accidents that arise out of a course of employment or value for service. Disability management and payment of benefits is directly determined and managed by the WCB for qualified persons injured on the job as a result of work related injuries. This may include injuries out of your work as an employee, student or volunteer.


Practicum Placement with Employers

Student coverage for workers compensation is extended for students who are participating in a work experience program in Alberta as part of their practicum requirements.

  • Employers are responsible for complying with the workers' compensation legislation of any other jurisdiction, even when WCB Alberta has extended out of province coverage.

  • The student's employer must contact the WCB in the jurisdiction they will be working in to determine coverage. The student can then contact WCB Alberta to determine if coverage can be extended by the Alberta WCB. Every case is situational and will be reviewed by the WCB on its own merit. 

Outside of Alberta

The student is responsible for determining workers compensation coverage in jurisdictions outside of Alberta.

  • Students should contact WCB Alberta to confirm if WCB Alberta can extend coverage to where they will be working as a student.

  • Every jurisdiction  is separate and may have specific requirements for workers compensation insurance coverage. Contact WCB Alberta prior to beginning your placement. This may include purchasing a standalone insurance policy.

  • Benefits cannot be received from both Alberta and the other jurisdiction. If you choose to claim in Alberta, a completed form must be received by the WCB within 30 days from the date of accident.

Contact WCB at 780-498-3999 or 1-866-922-9221 for more information.


When Does WCB Coverage Not Apply?

Workers compensation is intended to provide benefits for student injuries while in the course of study. Workers compensation is not intended to provide benefits for students who suffer accidents while engaging or participating in extracurricular sporting, recreational, social or personal fulfillment activities which are not  required as part of the course or program of study in which the student is registered.