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Student Feedback Sessions

Your Voice logoAt Olds College, student feedback is incredibly valuable and helps to shape your school. You might think that spending 15 minutes or 45 minutes on a survey is a waste of time. However, did you know that input from recent surveys has helped to inform the following decisions?

  • Increased availability of health & wellness services
  • Improved Olds College website and marketing materials

Ensure to take the opportunity to provide feedback!


  • Instructions (and incentives/prizes!) will be sent to your Olds College student email address;
  • Not all students will be invited to complete every survey;
  • Collected information is confidential.

The Alberta Post-Secondary Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Survey (Winter 2023 - All Students)

The Alberta Post-Secondary Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Survey is for students attending public post-secondary institutions in Alberta and is being conducted on behalf of the Ministry of Advanced Education. The purpose of this survey is to better understand Olds College campus community’s (1) attitudes and beliefs about sexual and gender-based violence and consent; (2) perceptions of the climate regarding sexual and gender-based violence; (3) knowledge of campus resources and policies related to sexual and gender-based violence; and (4) experiences of sexual and gender-based violence. The results of this survey will assist Olds College in its work to foster a safe and supportive environment for students. Results from questions can inform topics covered in educational programming and improve the support services offered by Olds College.

Marketing & Admission Survey (Fall 2022 - Specific Students)

The Marketing & Admission Survey collects feedback on the marketing, recruitment, application & admission process. Olds College wants to ensure the best possible experience and utilizes this information to help improve student experience.

Olds College Graduate Outcome Survey (Winter 2023 - Specific Students)

This survey aims to gain an understanding of student transitions to employment using questions from the Government of Alberta’s survey. It also helps to understand how work integrated learning has contributed to the transition from graduation to employment.

Canadian University Survey Consortium (Winter 2023 - Specific Students)

Olds College is working with the Alberta Advanced Education and Canadian University Survey Consortium. This survey is part of a province-wide initiative that will provide data on the education system and student experience in Alberta.

National College Health Assessment (NCHA) - (3 year cycle; Last Conducted Spring 2022 - All Students)

The ACHA-National College Health Assessment III (ACHA-NCHA III) is a national research survey organized by the American College Health Association (ACHA) to assist college health service providers, health educators, counselors, and administrators in collecting data about their students' habits, behaviors, and perceptions on the most prevalent health topics. The ACHA-NCHA now provides the largest known comprehensive data set on the health of college students,providing Olds College with a vast spectrum of information on student health that helps to influence and support the health services offered on campus.

Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL) Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI) Survey (Spring 2023 - All Students)

The Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI) is a powerful tool that can be used to improve the quality of student life and learning. It measures student satisfaction and priorities, showing you how satisfied students are as well as what issues are important to them. Olds College has administered the survey since 2009, and since 2011 it has been administered every two years. The 2021 survey was conducted in the spring of 2021 consistent with previous years. This report provides a high level summary and a snapshot of available data. Working with over 3,000 colleges, universities and nonprofit clients, Ruffalo Noel Levitz provides technology-enabled services, software, and consulting for higher education enrollment management.