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Moodle is our Online Learning Management System.  You can find all your online course materials here.


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Students Association

Students Association

Check out what's going on, housing list, employment opportunities ect....


Welcome aboard!  This page can be your landing post for all your needs.  Don't forget to check out our Student Life and Student Services sections as well.

Thinking About Coming to Olds College?

Hi, if you are not currently enrolled in Olds College but are thinking about coming to the college soon and would like to learn more, sign up to our Be in the Loop! list. 

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Student Policies

Our student Policies section will give you information about graduation requirements, refunds and many other policies that you should be aware of.


learning commons

Check out the Learning commons help site.

The Learning Centre

Teaching and learning Center

Whether you need some help or you can help someone else let us know! Participate in the PASS and PEER tutoring programs.


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