Continuing Education Programming

  • Agribusiness Finance Certificate

    student's learning in a field

    Advance your rural enterprise! Upgrade your management skills and improve your financial assessment skills! Whether you are a rural business owner or an agricultural lender, this online program will assist you in promoting better business practices within conventional and non-conventional agriculture.

    This Certificate is designed for the rural businessperson. A heavily agri-related online education, this certificate is ideal if you're looking to upgrade your management skills and improve your financial assessment abilities. Whether you're a rural business owner or an agricultural lender, this online program will assist you in promoting better business practices within conventional and non-conventional agriculture. - 4 required courses + 1 elective.

    • Each course can be taken on a stand-alone basis.
    • Each course is 15 weeks in duration
    • All courses entirely online, fitting your schedule
    • No previous college education necessary

    Dates: Courses offered January - May & September - December

    Delivery Method: Online

    Costs: Tuition - $799 per course plus textbook costs

  • Agriculture Lender’s Workshop

    Training for Continuing Education training

    The mission of the Agriculture Lenders Workshop is to support financial institutions throughout Western Canada in their training of staff in sound lending practices. For more than 35 years, it has been a professional development experience for beginning and continuing lenders and other financial professionals in the agricultural industry.

    This 4-day long workshop will provide a background in relevant agriculture practices including hands-on farm tours, sessions with known keynote speakers and risk management specialists, and an evening social event.

    Dates: TBA

    Applications Deadline: TBA

    Costs: $995 + GST

    • Early Bird Special: $895 + GST

    Tuition includes refreshments, sessions, educational materials, farm tours, daily lunches & Wednesday evening dinner social.

  • Agronomy Certificate Level I

    Student holding seeds

    Train while you work!

    This entry-level program answers the industry's call for trained crop scouts possessing basic agronomic skills. Interactive online discussion is emphasized to meet your needs, and an on-campus Field School will cap the program of study. You may have had previous post-secondary training but lack specific knowledge in agriculture, or you may have agricultural experience in another country but require specific training in Western Canadian farming practices. Course specifics include:

    • Crop Production Systems
    • Insect & Disease Management
    • Intro Soils & Crop Nutrition
    • Weed Fundamentals
    • Field Scouting and Data Management
    • Field School (online & 5-day residency)

    Delivery: Online with 5-day Field School Residency on Olds Campus

    Course Dates: Course dependent

    Costs: Tuition - $799/course plus textbook

  • Agronomy Certificate Level II

    Agronomy Level II

    The Agronomy Certificate Level II program builds upon the agronomic skills gained in the Level I certificate. Upon completion of these courses, you will be able to integrate agronomic concepts and make general recommendations regarding crop production.

    As with Level I, this program will include interactive online discussion emphasized to meet learner needs. Course specifics are currently under development but will include five courses:

    • Integrated Pest Management
    • Soil, Water & Fertility Management
    • Crop Management & Planning
    • Crop Production Technologies
    • Crop Diagnostics

    Delivery: Online

    Dates: Course dependent

    Costs: Tuition: $799 (+ textbooks as required for each course)

  • Certified Crop Advisor

    Crop Advisor in field

    Advance your career – become a Certified Crop Advisor.

    Take advantage of this intensive tutorial training session and prepare to write the Certified Crop Advisor Prairie Province and International exam. The instructors have a wealth of knowledge that they will share with you to help you feel better prepared to write the exam.

    Dates: January 12 - January 15, 2021

    Delivery: Olds Campus

    Costs: $599 Tuition

  • Drone School for Farmers & Agronomists

    Drone Training

    This drone school designed specifically for farmers and agronomists will give students two full days of hands on flight training for beginners. There are 101 uses for ag drones including both crop and livestock applications.  During this training there will be practical on farm examples used to help gain experience with mapping and the software involved. After completion of the course, participants will be able to take the online certification test with Transport Canada to fly legally.

    Program Dates: TBA

    Costs:  $590+ GST *includes a practice drone for you to keep*

  • Pasture to Plate Direct Marketing

    Farm to Plate Direct Marketing

    Pasture to Plate - Livestock Direct Marketing is a one of a kind short course.  Participants will gain skills over a six-week time frame that will help them to better understand livestock agro-food systems, niche product marketing, and how they can apply direct marketing skills to their own operations.

    With recent regulation changes in Alberta, producers can now obtain an on-farm slaughter license thus allowing producers more flexibility when selling a live animal directly to a consumer.  This interactive short course will give you training, skills, and ideas to start direct marketing your products from your own 'Pasture to the consumers Plate'! 

    Dates: January 25 - March 5, 2021

    Delivery Method: Online

    Costs: $249

  • Pasture Browsing with Goats

    During this intensive two-day workshop participants will learn how pastures can be revitalized using goats to target browse, identify weeds and gain agronomy insights while also studying the various topics associated with the care of the goat. This unique goat focused workshop will give you all the tips and tricks to get your goats working for you!

    Dates: TBD

    Delivery Method: Class Room

    Costs: $299

  • Prescription Mapping with Trimble Software

    Trimble Mapping

    During this very intense one week course, you as the participant will learn how to gain access to the information your equipment has known for years, and you can stop paying third-party companies to gather it.  Based on data from your own field history gathered over the past 2-3 years, we can create the profit-and-loss maps to guide decisions. The sooner we begin to collect this data from the fields, the faster, better and more accurately we will receive data for creating these profit-loss and prescription maps. 

    Problems do occur when transferring data from one precision agriculture software to another. There is no universal solution to this issue, but we will teach you how to properly build an algorithm of actions when such problems do arise. We will sort through several practical examples that will help you to solve real world problems. 

    Dates: TBD

    Length of Program: 5 Days

    Delivery: Olds Campus